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New shoe arrivals.  Avanti Sports adds the latest Nike shoes to its stock! Pictured: Upper: Women’s Vapor 10 $140, Lower and Pair: Men’s Vapor 10’s $140.

Currently, Avanti Sports is holding a French Open Sale! Selected Nike Vapor 10s are now $105.95 for a limited time only!


New racquet arrivals coming mid-May at Avanti Sports! Avanti Sports adds the newest Head racquets to its stock: The Head MXG 1 and MXG 7. Dunlop returns to Avanti Sports with a distinct mix of British tradition and Japanese precision with the CV 3.0!

The MXG1 ( $239.95) is set to a advanced player’s specs with a 98 square inch head, 22 millimeter beam, 10.6 oz, 27 inches long, and a 16 by 19 string pattern.
The MXG7 ($239.95) is a power racquet featuring a big sweet spot – great for beginners and intermediate players. The racquet features a 115 square inch head. The beam is 28/29/26 mm and weighs 9.3 oz. The MXG7 is longer – at 27.6 inches with a 16 by 18 string pattern.

Head has combined a magnesium throat with its graphene touch technology to produce a racquet that does not torque or twist at impact. This gives the racquet amazing plow-through and power with control.

Revo CV 3.0:
The Japanese company Sirixon acquired Dunlop and has created a new series of racquets, one of which is the CV 3.0. ( $199.95) The CV 3.0 is a tweener racquet featuring Sonic Core technology. The Sonic Core is a damping polymer that lines the inside of the racquet, which absorbs vibrations during hitting and allows more energy repulsion into the frame to propel the ball further with more pace. The racquet features a 100 square inch head, with a beam of 23/26/23 mm and weighs 10.58 oz. It has a open string pattern of 16 x 19 for easy access to spin generation.  This frame won the coveted “Editors Choice” Award from Tennis Magazine for “Best New Line.” Reserve a Demo now for a test drive !