New Head Speed Graphene 360+

A fast game needs a fast racquet. With its latest Graphene 360+ technology, the new HEAD Speed series offers the perfect blend of flex and stability with an enhanced energy transfer from racquet to ball. If you play fast, congratulations – you just got faster.
Endorsed by Novak Djokovic (SRB).
These racquets are in stock and available for demo at our Mill Creek and Seattle locations.


MP – $229.95 strung w/ PPS 16 or 17
Pro – $239.95 strung w/ PPS 16 or 17
Lite – $199.95 strung w/ PPS 16 or 17

Click here to learn more about the new Head Speed Graphene 360+ Series racquets. (

Head Speed Graphene 360 SALE

The new Graphene 360 techology provides greater stability and optimized energy transfer for more power, thus more ball speed. The SPEED silo follows the new asymmetric design identity, featuring a bold black and white color-blocking in the shaft area. Completed by truly unique see-through carbon fibers in the head, the racquet looks as beautiful as it performs. The Speed Series is endorsed by Novak Djokovic and Sascha Zverev. Click here to learn more.


MP – $169.95, REG $219.95 strung w/ PPS 16 or 17
LITE – $159.95, REG $209.95 strung w/ PPS 16 or 17
PRO – $179.95, REG $229.95 strung w/ PPS 16 or 17

The limited edition Speed X MP is engineered for the player who needs better maneuverability and easier handling for their fast-paced game. It features the Graphene 360 technology which provides greater stability and optimized energy transfer for more power as well as a luxurious design celebrating the silo’s 10th anniversary. Click here to learn more.


(SEA ONLY) $169.95, REG $219.95 prestrung w/ Lynx 16, comes with an extra set of Lynx 16

Note: Avanti Sports offers a stringing credit with this racquet, meaning that if a customer brings their own set of strings for this racquet, we will restring it at no labor charge.

Veterans Day @ Avanti Sports

Avanti Sports will be open on Veterans Day (November 11th, 2019) from 11am-7pm. As per our discount policy, Active Duty and Vets receive a 10% discount on any purchase of regular priced items $30+ (with exception to Babolat and Sensor products).

Discount Policy:
High School, College Students, USTA Members, and all Military Active Duty and Vets can enjoy a 10% discount on all regular priced items $30 or more. All that’s needed is a High School, College, USTA Membership, or Military ID. This Discount Program Excludes all Items on Sale and does not apply to Babolat, and Sensor products. This Discount cannot be stacked and applies only to Merchandise on hand. Avanti Sports reserves the right to Refuse/Delete this Program in the event of abuse.

August 2019 New Arrivals

NEW 2019 Wilson Blade – Coming in 16×19, 18×20, and 104 Editions

The most popular frame in Wilson’s Blade series, the Blade 98 (16×19) V7.0 now features FeelFlex to connect players with the ball unlike ever before. Featuring carbon mapping placed strategically throughout the frame, FeelFlex increases frame flexibility and stability for superior feel. Throw in reduced spec variance for added consistency from frame to frame plus a new Top Grip Taper for more comfortable top-hand grip placement, and the latest version of this racket brings significantly added performance to the court for avid Blade fans.

16×19 -$219.95 strung w/ PPS 16 or 17

18×20 – $219.95 strung w/ PPS 16 or 17

104 – $199.95 strung w/ PPS 16 or 17

NEW Limited Edition Naomi Osaka Ezone 98 – Coming in 4 1/4 and 4 3/8 Grip Sizes

This limited edition redesign of the Yonex Ezone 98 holds the same specifications as the standard colors (blue or green) and only 10,000 of these will be produced worldwide. The racquet has a gold and black color scheme with a leather grip.

$229.95 strung w/ PPS 16 or 17 – Cover Included

NEW Men’s Nike Zoom Cage 3

Rafael Nadal’s shoe of choice, the NikeCourt Zoom Cage 3 is made for the player seeking strength and speed on the hard court. The shoe’s unique cage design provides maximum durability and cushioning, and is also lighter than ever. Outsole durability is guaranteed by Nike for up to 6 months from purchase.


Wimbledon 2019 New Additions

NEW Head Gravity Racquets – Coming in Pro, MP, and Lite Models

The irresistible new force. Tennis has changed. Because we, the players, have changed. We hit the second serve as hard as the first, we play faster and more powerfully. This different style needs a totally new type of racquet. Because no such racquet existed, HEAD decided to design and build one – from scratch. It’s not an evolution, it’s a revolution. And it’s going to be the most talked about new force in the game.

Pro – $260.00

MP – $250.00

Lite – $210.00

Nike Vapor X – New Men’s and Women’s Colorways – Coming in Standard and Wide

With Nike Zoom Air and a Dynamic Fit system, the NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor X provides ultimate control on hard courts.

$140.00 – all editions